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We are at your service!

The heart of our company is support for small businesses. A key part of that mission is our service offerings. Tailored for a personalized approach, our packages can be purchased individually or mixed with others to suit the specific needs of your company. 

Road Maps

Entrepreneurs are explorers striking out into the world with a dream, goals, and desires to run their own small businesses. As with any journey, a road map can be a very helpful tool along the way. Our Road Maps to Success are tailored business plans to help small creative business owners. They provide a clear understanding of the company, its needs, and its structural organization which the owner can then use as a map to reach their goals. We offer three tiers of packages to suit any company size, from individual creatives to larger start-up companies.

Ala Carte' Services

We understand that not every small business has the same needs or goals. When you go to a restaurant, you may not order the same thing as the other patrons. Our buffet of Ala Carte' Services allows you to pick from a variety of individual support packages to suit the specific needs of your company. We also offer recurring packages, as well as networking opportunities, to give you and your small creative business every chance at success.


Free samples at the market, free downloads, BOGO Free coupons. Who doesn't like freebies!?! Running a small business can be an expensive investment of time, finances, and resources. Fortunately, ALHc can offer a few simple services that are completely free and worth far more than a free cup of coffee or tea! Our most popular Freebie is our Creative Directory Listing which provides FREE online advertising for all our creative small businesses. And why would ALHc offer something like free promotions in a market focused primarily on "the bottom line"? Because we are in the business of supporting small business.


Remember: With a little help, we can all succeed!

Our Services

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