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Welcome to our updated Contact page! Now with more ways to reach us:

We've added a few more ways to get in touch with ALHc to suit all of our creative members' preferences:

ALHc Office Email, for those who like to go straight to the source for information:


ALHc Office Phone #, for those members who prefer the old-school approach*: 913-513-2542

*Office hours are M-F 9a - 5p and Saturday 9a - 7p CST-US.

You can also fill out our Creative Intake Form to get started on the road to success with a FREE business consultation:

For general inquiries:

Thanks for your interest in the A Little Help Company. For more information, feel free to get in touch and we will get back to you soon! If you are completing this as an indie author, editor, artist, creative, or small business, please include your name and what services interest you in the message before submitting.

Thanks for submitting!

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