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KJ Davis met PK through the online artist community and fell in love with his talented style of drawing. She felt that this would be the perfect artist to commission work on one of her main storyline characters, the Moriquen. His use of clean, angular lines and inspired creativity brought the descriptions of her characters to life. "A professional and talented artist!"

​When did you start drawing? When did you discover your love for art? I guess started drawing more "seriously" when I was 13, As far as I can tell I've loved art since I started grade school.


What inspired you to start commissioning your art work? I had wanted to do it for a years, but I had been doing small jobs for friends and family for a bit, so I figured I'd open myself up and come out of my shell a bit. Open myself up for new opportunities.


What inspires your artwork? I would say I'm really inspired by a lot of artists I appreciate the works of and knowing that I can bring images no one else will with my skills.


What are some interesting quirks or hobbies you have outside of art? I like building things, I make 3D models and woodwork from time to time. for practical items I use frequently or because Its cool and I haven't seen it made before.


What are your favorite subjects/focuses (for art)? I really like character design, there's a lot of variation in clothing, face shape, and body types and I like exploring those options. I still have much I need to strive for and study in that regard and that's what makes it exciting.



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