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Supporting small businesses with A Little Help

A Little Help was founded on the principles of a HUG:

A simple gesture of kindness that has several unique qualities. 

First, and foremost, you cannot give a hug without receiving one in return. This is a cornerstone of A Little Help Company. We strive to connect small, local business owners with others through a network of mutual support. It started with an aspiring author looking for new artists for her first novel. She wanted to help those indie artists get their name out into the public eye as they helped to publish her literary work. This type of mutual support is a foundational attitude we foster with A Little Help Company: By helping others, you ultimately help yourself.

The second benefit of a simple hug is comfort and compassion. We provide small creative* businesses with 'a little help' in the form of networking, virtual assistance, indie publishing, or event planning. Each of our services gives our clients the gift of compassion and personalization. The small business owners, makers, and creatives of the world keep our growing, global community running. A Little Help Company strives to bring a sense of comfort to our creatives as they work hard each day to keep up with the demands of their business. 

Finally, a hug is the greatest form of connection. By networking small business owners with others, A Little Help Company fosters a community based on mutual support and benefit. A key part of our business services is match-making a business with a creative to help them with their specific needs. We host an online community where members can share information and support each other. We also provide a virtual marketplace to promote small businesses online.

*We call our clients "creatives" because they share their creativity with the world to make it a better place.

If you would like more information, click the link below.

Image by Vonecia Carswell

KJ Davis

Owner of A Little Help co.

For more information on our owner, KJ Davis, visit her Author's page.

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