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​Hi, my name is Jenny and I have been drawing since I was in Middle School. Picked up the passion in my free time and have been loving it ever since.

Jenny is one of ALHc's newest sponsored creatives hoping to turn their passion for art into a creative small business.

To contact Jenny for commissions, use the ALHc contact form below.

​When did you start drawing? When did you discover your love for art? I have been drawing since I was young, but didn't start loving art until I was in Middle School. The way that art lets you express yourself was what made me get into drawing.


What inspired you to start commissioning your artwork? My friends and family mostly. They appreciated my art and encouraged me to go forward with bringing it out into the world.


What inspires your artwork? My art is mostly inspired by how I feel while listening to music, or when I'm out in nature.

What are some interesting quirks or hobbies you have outside of art? Outside of art; I enjoy playing games with friends and family, playing with my pets, and reading. 


What are your favorite subjects/focuses (for art)? For the most part, I enjoy animals and anatomy. The way that different parts move in tandem with each other has always fascinated me.



To learn more about commissioning an original art piece or to discuss your current project, complete and submit the form below.

Thanks for submitting!

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