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Weekly Helping Hand: Grounding Technique Anxiety

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This week's Helping Hand: a Quick and Easy Grounding Technique for Social Anxiety (or anytime you feel like freaking out but need to stay calm).

There are plenty of moments in our lives when anxiety, stress, or an emergency situation can cause us to become overwhelmed. In some cases it can trigger panic attacks, or worse. There are moments we've all experienced when you feel like you're on the edge of a cliff, but you still need to keep focused on the problem-at-hand. The following technique is a perfect way to quickly slow your breathing, lower your blood pressure, and calm your nerves that only takes a few seconds.

(PS: This is also a great tip for individuals on the Autistic Spectrum, have Social Anxiety, or difficulties when interacting with the public.)


The 5 and 10 Grounding Technique

Count backwards from 5 to 1 as you follow these steps:

Find one stationary object you can SEE that is nearby (like a tree, a chair, or even a pen)

Listen for a sound you can HEAR nearby (the wind or building's AC/Heat, or tap you foot)

BREATHE in deeply and think of what you can SMELL nearby (perfume, flowers, wet dog?)

Reach out and TOUCH something nearby with your hands, or wiggle your toes

TASTE a drink of water*

(*If you can't drink at the moment, rub your tongue along the back of your teeth.)

Now count to ten, slowly, and think about all five things you discovered. When you get to ten, BREATHE deeply, once more. Now you are in a better state-of-mind to tackle the current crisis.

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