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Small Creative Business Spotlight

Support the "little guy" while finding great stories to escape into

Finding good books to read shouldn’t be a frustrating (or ugly) experience. Here at Pretty Bookshelf, we’re trying to make it easier to find great books that are right up your alley. Books that might otherwise be buried. The books you find here are all by indie authors, so you’re also supporting “the little guy”—writers who are passionate about what they do but don’t have the backing of a big publisher. By buying indie, you are helping these writers live out their dreams.

Are you an indie author? We’re all about boosting people like you by helping you find your audience. By guiding readers to the books they might be interested in, they’re also finding indie authors they didn’t know they would love. That could be you!

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Click the link below to visit The Pretty Bookshelf's website for more information!

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