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June Spotlight Interview: Jackie Nix

Jackie Nix is the founder of Moo Maven and the independent author and illustrator of "Modern Farms".

Author, Photographer, Gardener, Crafter, Mom, Animal Scientist, and Animal Nutritionist.

Multitasker turned author fell in love with agriculture at an early age in rural Ohio. Now Jackie has a passion for inspiring future generations about farming.

Jackie lives in Alabama and is a 'Jane-Of-All-Trades', from photography to Animal Scientist. She is also an award-winning Author and Illustrator! Jackie's life-long love of agriculture and farming has led her to create a fun and educational line of children's books.



Reader's Favorite Five Star Awarded author and illustrator, Jackie has been in love with farming as long as she can remember. Growing up in rural Ohio, she was surrounded by farms and spent a majority of her time at the neighbor’s dairy and hog farm. This became the inspiration for her writing and the foundation for her desire to teach the world about agriculture in a fun and educational way. Jackie is the founder of Moo Maven and an active member of the Self-Pub Hub indie author community.

Modern Farms is Jackie's first children's book. “Excellent for teaching what happens from farm to table.” -Amazon Review

Modern Farms also features a supplementary Activity Book where children are introduced to more information about farming. Fun activities include coloring, math, drawing, matching and much more!


The Interview

What are some quirks or hobbies that you enjoy outside of your writing?

I am a photographer, gardener, crafter and I do DIY projects around the house. Also, I am an Animal Scientist and animal nutritionist.

Do you have a favorite place to write?

My current favorite writing spot is under the shade tree in my backyard.

How/When/Why did you get started as a writer?

I honestly have always had a knack for writing and I've done it since high school (over 30 years now!). Professionally, I have always written technical articles, newsletters, marketing copy, etc.. I didn't decide to become a children's author until the pandemic. I had the idea for my first book about 6 months prior to the pandemic, but just thought I'd bring it to life "someday". Then the pandemic happened and I decided the time was right.

What are the biggest challenges you face as an author?

So many challenges...For me, it is the challenge of running my publishing business (I'm self-published). It's easy to get so consumed in the process of selling a book that it is hard to get back into the creative mindset to produce the next one.

What are your favorite genres?

Now, I read a LOT of picture books, but for my own personal pleasure I like historical fiction, thrillers, literary classics and because I'm a life-long learner, my shelf is filled with non-fiction on subjects I'm learning.

Who/What inspires you the most?

I don't really have a specific person in mind. As a polymath, I am inspired by people who reinvent themselves and embark on two or more totally different careers within their lifetime.

What is one book you would recommend that everyone should read once in their lives?

Wow, don't do me like that! There are so many... One book that has stayed with me many years after reading was The Kite Runner by Khaled Hosseini.

Finally, can you give us a teaser of your current project? Perhaps a favorite quote from you most recent (or soon-to-be) released book?

My books are centered around the theme of agriculture. My current book, Modern Farms, is a light-hearted introduction to farming and food production linking favorite foods back to their farm origins.

My yet-to-be-released book will be Bonnie the Bovine and Her Bodacious Burps: "Bonnie has a problem. She burps. She burps a LOT! Learn how cows like Bonnie fit into the ecosystem and modern agriculture with this newest book by Jackie Nix.”


Learn More...

You can learn more about Jackie Nix on her website. Jackie is our June Spotlight. You can learn more about our Creative Community, here. In addition to the spotlight, Jackie is our newest Market Place listing!

Click here to visit Jackie's website for details about her published books and where to buy them:

Modern Farms - This adorable, easy-to-read picture book introduces young children to farming and food production with accurate depictions of modern agriculture.

Modern Farms Activity Book - Continue your agriculture learning journey with the Modern Farms Activity Book. This workbook contains fun-filled activities that enhance problem-solving skills and hand-eye coordination.

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