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All the world's a stage...

Updated: Oct 6, 2021

The world-famous phrase comes from William Shakespeare's play As You Like It, Act 2, Scene 7: 'All the world's a stage, and all the men and women merely players'. Such a resounding statement that has touched so many souls across the expanse of time and distance on our humble planet! In that one statement, Shakespeare acknowledges and comforts the artist and the viewer that life truly does imitate art, and vice-versa. We can admire it in the works of great artists, fantastical Broadway plays, or in mind-blowing CGI effects within the latest block-buster movie. We are touched deeply by the haunting chords of a rich melody from a symphony orchestra, moved to higher understandings of self from the prose of poetry, or taken away to wonderful new worlds within the words of a writer. These are all transformative, enriching, and inspirational in their humble art forms yet so particularly important to our everyday lives as human beings. Just as we see, listen, smell, taste, and feel our way through the world, art gives us a deeper connection and understanding of our surroundings and beyond. It is timeless and humbly profound.

In my path as a writer, I became aware that I have an innate ability to develop a deep appreciation and respect for the Arts. Either through latent empathic senses or having a sensitive nature, I have always been touched and moved strongly by my environment. From art, science, reading, writing, walking, cooking, crafts, or meditation. Inevitably I am stricken with a moment of deep contemplation and profound sense of reverence for whatever I am experiencing. Most of the time the moment was fleeting, and I go about my tasks as anyone would do, without another thought. But sometimes I found myself pausing for just a few seconds as a revelation or sense of wonder washes over me. Since my perspective has been widened by my journey to become published, I find that these moments of physically pausing to fully appreciate and acknowledge the beauty of the art form have increased.

It seems odd, or more likely to be one of those "senior moments", but that is not to say these few seconds taken out of my activity for pause and appreciation are not bad. It is simply an awareness that has developed throughout my existence in this lifetime which has always struck a chord within my soul. Perhaps the trials and tribulations of growing up or simply what has been revealed to me on this writer's path. Regardless of how, or where, or when, the ability originated, it is a profound part of my life. I genuinely believe it is a profound, and perhaps buried, part of EVERYONE's life.

Think back to your life within the last month or so: Think back to a moment when you were touched, deeply, by a piece of artwork, a beautiful or moving song. Or some bit of written or spoken word you read or listen to that energized you like a lightning bolt from within you. Did you have a moment when you physically stopped what you were doing and simply reveled in the moment? Did the experience touch you so deeply and so profoundly that you seemed to be instantly rejuvenated with a renewed spirit of adventure, action, or desire? Did you have an "Aha" moment when that same work of Art, Science, Mystery, Alchemy, Literature, or Activity seemed to come to life and connect with your energetic spirit on a higher level? Did it make you smile, just for a brief, ever-so-fleeting moment during the tempest storm of your day? We have all experienced these connections to a different level (or perhaps alternate reality?) of emotional-energetic-spiritual moments within our mundane existences.

How you choose to react, or respond, to those precious and profound moments is part of your own journey of self-discovery and existence within your own lifetime. It is a personal and purely individual experience which can open new realities and a higher level of thinking. Whatever your own reality is at this moment, however you seem to be 'touched' by the world around you or by some small piece of Art in its multiple forms... It is, in that very moment, a miracle of connection. Cherish that moment for what it is or what it teaches you. Appreciate the venue through which the energy was transferred to your soul. Smile.

We are all artists, players, and actors playing our parts, day in and day out. We appreciate art and beauty in our own way and imitate that appreciation through our actions. Along the way, we grow, and our lives become enriched and inspired. Take a moment, now and then, to pause and appreciate these bits of enlightenment. You may find that within those few seconds, you become a better version of your true self by adding the beauty of the moment into your daily life.

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