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JK Consulting

Business Consulting, Collaborations, Marketing, and Indie Author Community Host

Still using spreadsheets? Still posting static images on Instagram even though you've had no growth in years? Still have no idea about Tiktok? Still lacking an email list, onaboarding and sales automations, data entry robots and custom business apps?

Your biggest competitors are leaning in to better technologies and strategies. 

When you fail to change…

  • You waste time and money on repetitive task work (for the love of god - get off of spreadsheets)

  • Constant busywork kills your creativity & joy (stop clicking and clacking - automate to reclaim brain space)

  • Partners and customers wait on you to follow up (customers should get their agreements, be added to Quickbooks and sent invoices in the click of a button)

  • You only have the capacity for no-growth marketing tactics that stopped working in 2020 (while your biggest competitors are building their brands into media machines)

  • Your competitors outpace you with automation (there are teams of 5 building $10M companies - why not you?)

  • You deal with increased stress and burnout (and stop making healthy choices in your personal life)

Customers should pay for value—not outdated overheads. Boosting your technology can improve efficiency, reduce costs, and enhance the customer experience. Talk to me about how I can replace $200K in labour costs with robots, build 100K emails lists through collaborations, better funnels, summits, bundles, and UGC, and create custom apps to automate operations, streamline sales and CRMs, and turn companies into media outlets.


JK Consulting
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