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The Awakening

Star of Avalon: Awakening - Signed Copy Bundle


An epic fantasy/military sci-fi series set in the 35th century: Solan, a hybrid humanoid called a Hy Gen, and his team, the Mavericks, are assigned a new impossible mission with questionable motives. In another verse, Lunessa, leader of the Ma’u, must ignore her desires to protect her home from a new threat on the horizon. Meanwhile, a sinister puppet master manipulates everything from the shadows.

  • Illustration Artists

    This novel includes a unique collaborative project to add art to the Aether Star Chronicles series. Multiple indie artists have added the beauty of their artwork to this novel: 

    • Akani
    • Blanchy
    • Freyzart
    • Neva Tsumori
    • PK Patart
    • Purvi Jhavar
  • Signed Copy Bundle

    This exclusive bundle includes a signed copy of the book by author KJ Davis, a personalized thank you note, a bookmark, and more.

    These additional items are unavailable through the normal sale venues, such as Amazon, Kindle, Nook, etc. 

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